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Marcela Kane - Tips For Combating Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Marcela Kane

As a female who has reached senior management level during the course of fifteen years as an international tax professional, Marcela Kane has an interest in promoting gender equality in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are often a number of barriers to achieving this that need to be overcome before true equality can be obtained, so consider these tips if you want to make a difference.

Train People
Management should aim to make gender equality an important part of any training programs that they put together, as this allows for the creation of a strong work environment where it is known that discrimination based on gender is not tolerated. Such training techniques will also provide support and encouragement to women who may feel that gender equality could be an issue for them.

Promote Women
Companies need to put their money where their mouths are in regards to gender inequality by actively taking steps to promote more women to positions of management and leadership. Salaries and promotions must be carefully monitored to ensure that women in the workplace are not being paid less than men despite working in similar roles.

Speak Up
Marcela Kane has achieved success during her career as an international tax professional. If you feel that gender inequality is an issue in your workplace, one of the most important things that you can do is stand up and make yourself heard. If you don’t, you reinforce a negative culture that doesn’t allow for positive change in the area of gender equality. Gain support from those with similar issues and speak to senior managers who wish to solve the problem.

Marcela Kane
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