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Marcela Kane: Practical Tips for Tax Planning

Marcela Kane possesses considerable expertise in the area of tax planning, having worked as an international tax professional for more than 15 years. As someone with experience leading tax teams in countries throughout the globe, Kane knows how crucial it is for individuals and organizations to prepare themselves for the taxation process; to take steps to protect themselves and their income no matter where they happen to be located.

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As Marcela Kane knows, practical tax planning can help individuals save considerable time, hassle and headache come tax time. To be better prepared this tax season, takes steps to:

Maintain tax records that go back at least three years. Keeping accurate tax records for three or more years at any given time can help you be better prepared and ready for a potential audit.

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Compare your records carefully. It’s critical to make sure pay stubs line up with your W-2s, as it is not uncommon for employers to make mistakes from time to time.

Actively keep and maintain receipts. Every time you donate to charity, or make a purchase that could potentially qualify as a deductible expense, be sure to save the receipt. Thorough record keeping can be amazingly beneficial come time to file your next return.

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