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Marcela Kane Lantrip: Three Reasons Why Mentoring Is Important in Corporate America

Marcela Kane Lantrip, a Director of Tax at Haliburton in Houston, Texas, knows that mentoring in Corporate America is crucial in creating strong companies with excellent leadership and happy, motivated employees for reasons such as the following:

·Encouraging corporate-level mentoring is key for reducing turnover rates by offering employees the support that they need to be happier and more successful in the workplace. Often people leave jobs because of issues that could be resolved with the proper guidance or mediation, and preventing turnover means significant savings by solving a problem compared to training new employees

Marcela Kane Lantrip
Marcela Kane Lantrip

·Mentoring can mean streamlining in any workplace, as reinventing the wheel is both a waste of time and energy. Through corporate mentoring, employees will be able to focus their efforts on progress with the support of a mentor rather than trying to work through obstacles on their own.

·Offering corporate mentoring opportunities is one of the best ways to hone leadership and management skills in your employees, which in turn minimizes the need to hire externally. Mentorship is an incredible way of investing in the success and future of employees, offering them all the support they need to make it to the next step.

Marcela Kane Lantrip has a long history of success in the tax management field, and she’s always looking forward to a new challenge. She is based in The Woodlands, Texas.



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