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Marcela Kane - Common Mistakes That New Accountants Make

Marcela Kane is an international tax professional who has been combining her management and accountancy skills to provide services in a number of prominent positions during the course of her career. Those who are new to the field of accountancy are often prone to making fairly common errors that need to be avoided or rectified to ensure their clients receive quality service, including all of the following.

Thinking They Know It All

As an accountant it is important that you recognize that your education will never be completed, as you will need to learn constantly in order to adapt to changes in rules and regulations. Those who start out their careers thinking that they know it all will be in for rude awakenings when their work starts to become outdated and clients seek advice from more current professionals.

Not Checking Work

As an accountant you will often be asked to work with fairly complex mathematics, which increases the potential for errors to be made. As such, it is crucial that you check your work repeatedly to ensure there are no oversights or miscalculations. Failure to do so could result in your clients facing legal ramifications, for which you will be directly responsible.

Not Communicating

Marcela Kane has developed strong communication skills during the course of fifteen years as an international tax professional. New accountants need to ensure that they stay in regular contact with their clients to inform them about the work they are doing and any changes they need to be aware of.

Marcela Kane
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