Marcela Kane - How To Get Into The Oil And Gas Industries

Marcela Kane is an international tax professional whose career has seen her work for five global companies since 1998. She is currently the Senior Manager of International Tax at Halliburton, which is one of the largest and most recognizable companies in the oil industry. If you are interested in getting into the oil and gas industry yourself, try to keep the following pointers in mind to stand the best chance.

Marcela Kane

Discover Your Niche

In order to be successful in oil and gas you need to have an interest in the industry, as this will ensure your motivation levels stay high and you approach your work with enthusiasm. There are many areas where you can work within the industry, so it is important that you identify your niche so that you can create a plan of action that will guide you into a career in that area.

Gain Experience

Any experience that you can get within the industry is going to prove valuable, so don’t be put off from applying for temporary internships or from studying subjects that are related to oil and gas. These will all be very useful things to add to your résumé, making it more likely that employers will consider you later on down the line.

Talk To Experts

People who have expertise within the oil and gas industry, like Marcela Kane, will be able to offer useful advice, both in terms of the career potential within the industry and what you need to do to attain the position you’re looking for.

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